Hi there! Welcome to Fashino 🖤

Our goal at Fashino is to recreate that bliss of happiness and excitement when you have all the fun showing off to your friends with our sleek hip-hop and harajuku streetwear apparel! We believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with low prices, top-quality products, and fast shipping times. At Fashino, we also understand how hard shopping online can be, and just how much it truly takes to put your trust in a company. We want to assure you, that we will always maintain absolute integrity and never take your trust for granted.

The Mission

So far, we've made over 8,000 customers get that urgent sense of sensation through our luxurious fashionwear and the number is constantly rising. We are extremely grateful for having the immense opportunity to be able to sell our favorite hip-hop and harajuku fashion apparel for a fraction of the price. Our mission has made the experience of those customers magical every time. That mission is to give our customers a little magic and urge of sensation in their lives; by making sure they get a chance to represent their favorite artist or even their favorite anime at the most affordable price.

Why We Do What We Do

We understand that this will please some and not please others. We do this because the Fashino team understands what it means to be able to want the most desired fashion piece, but simply not be able to afford it. Thus, initially, we decided to design and make hip-hop/harajuku fashion apparel for our satisfaction. But then it occurred to us that perhaps there might also be a community of people just like us, who would love to wear and represent their favorite hip-hop or harajuku style piece, but at a much more accessible price. This is where we decided to create Fashino and give you all a chance to feel the excitement and joy we once felt while wearing our all-time favorite fashionwear. We've created a beautiful community of fashion lovers and we truly cannot thank you all enough for your support. We will continue to make all of you happy. Once again, thank you all, and much love from the Fashino team <3
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